Why women should play e-Sports?


While most of society still views video games as being a ‘male’ activity, this simply isn’t true at all. More women than ever are taking part in e-Sports, playing competitively, are hardcore gamers and playing on a casual basis for fun. Women are everywhere in gaming for a reason, video games are fun.

Call of Duty is a fun, competitive and sometimes tense game that anyone can enjoy. Using a mic is not important in most online games and COD is no exception so no women should feel the need to reveal their gender if they don’t want to. There is also an eSports for COD however there are few women players; some eSport leagues actually have women teams and women only leagues, there is currently not enough professional women players to do this with Call of Duty.

Like many other shooters Call of Duty can teach it’s player’s quite a few positive things; teamplay, communication, reaction time skills, prediction and much more. Many of these skills are transferable to other games and also to real life.

COD is similar to other FPS game such as Battlefield and Halo; each major FPS franchise is different in what they offer players, Halo is especially different with its futuristic settings.

Call of Duty is great fun to play online and a bad community should not stop anyone from playing it if they want to. COD eSports needs a few more women players and maybe even several women only teams, could you be one of those high level players?

Nowadays many start-up founders who are female are into tech and e-Sports. It is no longer for the male dominating industry.
Have you thought of playing video games after work?

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